If you haven’t seen it already, Dr Ted recently wrote an article for Wales Online about the rising popularity of male aesthetic treatments.

People who undergo hair transplants are uniquely special. They refuse to accept balding as a normal part of aging. They have interesting careers; they challenge norms; they’re thinkers, innovators, action-takers. Hair loss unifies a diverse bunch of individuals under a common struggle. Barristers, footballers, estate agents, even ambassadors all talk about the effects of rain and wind on their hair, or of looking up at the CCTV in a shop and being dismayed by the sight of their crown.

Examining patients for a hair transplant, Dr Ted noticed that many of them could not raise their eyebrows. This is because men are getting Botox! And more and more of them! Men who take pride in their appearance not only reject their ever-expanding forehead, but also the wrinkles that appear on it.  

Until now, medical aesthetics has been a female preoccupation. Clinics claim to include all genders, but do they really understand men? Their psychology and motivation? Their different facial anatomy and goals?

Dr Ted treats men not by adapting female aesthetics to suit them, but by applying his experience of treating male confidence issues by fixing their hair, to now fix their skin. There is an underlying reason behind everything we choose. Understanding that is crucial to a successful outcome, whether that be reshaping a hairline or rejuvenating a face.

If, after your hairline has been restored, you find your attention shifting to your forehead wrinkles or those dark circles under your eyes, read our Wales Online article about a patient who went on to restore not just his head of hair, but his whole upper face.  

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