If you are considering skin treatments to look fresher and have a more youthful glow, you might have already thought about Botox and fillers. Perhaps you have been put off by stories of bad practice in this notoriously unregulated industry. If you are looking for an ethical trustworthy medical professional to give you honest personalised advice, this is for you. We understand that it can be daunting to have treatments that can alter your appearance. You need to know that the person treating you is both qualified and acting in your best interests. As a doctor and physician associate, we use the highest quality prescription products with expert skill to deliver the results you want – all from the comfort of our spotless state-of-the-art clinic in central Cardiff.

About Us

Most of us know someone who has set up an aesthetics business. Although we were drawn to aesthetics as an artistic application of medicine, we were dismayed by the diminishment of the profession by cheap, poor quality offerings. We did not want to be tarred with this brush. However, there has become more of a need than ever for a brand of aesthetics that caters for normal people who do not want to look ‘worked on’ – those who are looking for visible improvement by undetectable means. We believe excellence in aesthetics combines the understanding of facial anatomy with artistry to achieve your goals.

Our Services

We offer a range of treatments to meet your specific needs. You and your practitioner will discuss your options and determine if the treatment is appropriate for you at the free initial consultation.  

Dermal Fillers

Lip enhancements £195 - £260
1ml Juvederm£260
2ml Juvederm£490
Tear trough (for dark circles and bags)£400
Cheek enhancements from £450
Jaw slimmingfrom £450
Filler dissolving£150
Lip dissolving and refill£380
Nose to mouth lines£260
Mouth to chin lines£260
‘Smoker’s’ lines£260

Muscle Relaxing Injections

Muscle Relaxing Injections Botox/Bocouture (lasts 3 months) Daxxify (lasts 6-9 months)
1 area (e.g. forehead) £180.00Coming 2023
2 areas (e.g. forehead & frown lines) £220.00Coming 2023
3 areas (e.g. forehead, frown and smile lines) £260.00Coming 2023
Jaw slimming / TMJ dysfunction£280.00
Profhilo 1 treatment£250.00
Profilo 2 treatments£500.00

Meet the Team

Dr Ted


Dr Ted has been a doctor for 10 years in a variety of surgical specialties. He has built a reputation as a respected hair transplant surgeon over the last 5 years. He has seen the transformation this can bring to patients’ lives and brings a unique skillset and experience to medical aesthetics.


Physician Associate

Becky is a Physician Associate. She has over 10 years of healthcare experience within the NHS. She holds a degree in Biomedical Sciences and completed her Physician Associate training at Swansea Medical School. She specialises in natural enhancements and ‘tweakments’. She takes pleasure in giving her patients results with safety.

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